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Liz Truss, as Keir Starmer calls her “waiting opponents,” says she’s “fully committed” to the pension triple lock.politics NewsPipa


Truss says she’s ‘fully committed’ to pension Triple Lock

Ian Blackford A Westminster SNP leader says the prime minister remains in office but out of power after 10 U-turns in two weeks.

Pensioners are now at the forefront of cuts, he says.

He asks for another U-turn.

truss She says she has no idea what Blackford is talking about. She and the Prime Minister are “fully committed” to Triple Rock, she says.

This is a change from what #10 said yesterday. The triple lock remains.

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No 10 says Truss and Hunt ‘jointly’ agreed to commit to government to keep pension triple lock

In a post-PMQ lobby briefing, a spokesperson for the prime minister said the decision to keep the government committed to the triple lock was made “jointly” this morning by Liz Truss and Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt.

A spokesperson said the decision reflected the “unique position” of pensioners who are unable to increase their income through work.

She and the prime minister discussed and agreed on the position the prime minister presented this morning.

according to Sam Bruwett From the press association Liz Truss has canceled a visit scheduled for this afternoon.

Liz Truss has canceled a visit scheduled for this afternoon

No 10 did not disclose why the trip was canceled at the last minute. During that time, she was expected to be questioned by broadcasters.

— Sam Blewett (@BlewettSam) October 19, 2022

No 10 says Truss determined to end ‘totally unacceptable’ hostile briefings of Tory MPs by aides

In Downing Street after the PMQ, the Prime Minister’s spokesman effectively confirmed reports pending an investigation into allegations that Jason Stein was responsible for unauthorized and negative briefings. A spokesman said:

I’m not going to get into individual personnel issues, but the Prime Minister told her team that some of the kinds of briefings we saw were completely unacceptable about colleagues in parliament and had to stop. made very clear.

This news is clearly related to Sajid Javid’s decision not to take the opportunity to ask Liz Truss at PMQ. Javid was on her list of questions, but she gave up her right to ask. As mentioned earlier, Javid was the subject of a briefing from his 10th streak in The Sunday Times, stating that Truss thought he was “fucking.” (See 11:51 a.m.)

But ITV’s Robert Peston I don’t think it’s over with Stein’s suspension.

Here’s How Downing St Ex Chancellor’s Confusion Measures @sajidjavid He was white-hot about what he was told by the Sunday Times that he was incompetent. . #PMQAfter speaking…

— Robert Peston (@Peston) October 19, 2022

Javid told Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case that he would not hijack #PMQ Stein should be suspended and investigated by the Cabinet Office’s Ethics Committee. Stein has been officially suspended and an investigation is underway. But it won’t…

— Robert Peston (@Peston) October 19, 2022

Stein is convinced that no one can be sanctioned for what happened, so he implies that others in Downing Street are to blame. No wonder so many Tory MPs are saying Truss simply cannot continue in office.

— Robert Peston (@Peston) October 19, 2022

PMQ – Snap Verdict

Liz Truss did enough to get her through the day. Sure it’s a low hurdle, but it wasn’t taken for granted. Anyone who watched her press conference on Friday said it was extraordinary because she made her U-turn so many times when she appeared weak and broken after answering just her four questions. You may have wondered how you were able to cope with the pressure. But today she sounded her confident and combative. Her dismal performance may have sparked an immediate leadership challenge, but she outperformed it, so she’s probably safe for the next few hours at least.

It helped that she had something to announce. New Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt signaled on Monday that the government is considering shelving the pension triple lock.No 10 confirmed this yesterday and James Cleverly used the same line only this morning. was (See 10:15 am.) The truss now confirms that the triple lock will be maintained. This meant that at least she was in the lead at one point, and Ian Blackford’s inability to understand what was being said allowed her to make a competent put-down and that helped make her PMQ look OK.

Of course, the triple lock announcement is the equivalent of another U-turn from yesterday. And I still don’t know if I cleared it in the hunt beforehand. But given the state of opinion within the party (and within the Conservative media), it was probably inevitable.

Prime Minister Truss has had to abandon almost all the policies he defended a week ago, and is now only backed by the Prime Minister, a Prime Minister who has completely lost his credibility. very effectively and asked much more concise questions than usual.

A book has been written about the tenure of prime ministers. It looks like it will be out by Christmas. Release date or title?

Last week, the prime minister stood there promising no spending cuts and everyone cheered. What’s the point of a prime minister whose promise doesn’t last a week?

Financial reliability – gone. And the ex-Prime Minister, who should have been her best friend, also left him. they are all gone. So why is she still here?

Sturmer didn’t leave the truss in a puddle on the floor. But the longer she stayed in her 10th place, the better for her raver, so Starmer was able to strategically get the ideal result.

Truss’ main reaction was to accuse the Labor Party of supporting militant trade unionism (which in the current situation is inequality) and to quote Peter Mandelson. She may have recalled a line Mandelson himself wrote to The Spectator two weeks before him.

Usually when politicians cite this line they are trying to make a Mandelson-related comparison. But it sounded like Truss was using it just because he couldn’t think of any other way to say he wouldn’t resign.

Perhaps she should have studied the context more closely. Mandelson used the phrase when he had already resigned as minister. And he rolled it out at the election count after he won. Truss looks like someone whose resignation is yet to come, and he’s celebrating nothing when the next election comes.

Jason Stein Liz Truss’ special counsel has been suspended pending an investigation, Sky News reports. Skye says he is being investigated by the Cabinet Office’s Adequacy and Ethics Division.

Richard Graham (Conn) I would like to ask about the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

truss Says it does a great job.

that’s all. PMQ has ended.

Stella Creasy (Lab) asks how it would be in the public interest to remove EU law that has been retained.

truss Blame her for not accepting the Brexit vote.

Helen Waitley (Kon) I would like to ask about social security reform. Is Truss still working on it? (See 11:44 am.)

yes say trussshe says she is.

Barry Gardiner (Lab) said Truss faced a week of mental anguish and despair. What will she do to improve the mental health of people in this country?

truss The health secretary says he has plans to address this.

Andrew Mitchell (Kon) I have a question about aid spending. He appears to want assurances that the Truss is committed to returning aid spending to his 0.7% of national wealth.

truss She takes pride in her record of government aid spending, but refuses to make that promise.

Nick Smith (Lab) asks about Truss Chief of Staff Mark Fulbrook and whether it would be wise to have a lobbyist on Downing Street.

truss says that all appointments are approved in the normal way.

Duncan Baker (Con) I have a question about apprenticeships.

truss Apprentice says it’s great. She says 5.1m has been created since 2010.

Mark Menzies (Con) seeks assurance that the fracking company will not be involved in determining whether there is local consent to fracking.

truss It says it will have a robust system in place to ensure consent to fracking. Business Secretary Jacob Rhys-Mogg will explain this in more detail at a later date.

ITV’s Anushka Astana See this for what Rees-Mogg tells MP.

New: Jacob Rees Mogg promises that possible fracking rebels on the Tory side will be consulted on a local consent mechanism voted by the House of Representatives. This is he one of the things they really want. To prevent today’s rebellion.

— Anushka Asthana (@AnushkaAsthana) October 19, 2022

Stewart Malcolm McDonald (SNP) said fatigue in Ukraine is a concern. Will the Truss ensure that political and military aid to Ukraine does not fall victim to the Truss Prime Minister?

truss One of the first things she did as prime minister was to ensure that support for Ukraine next year would be at least as good. Ukraine can and must win, she said.

John Barron (Con) Asks the Prime Minister to remain considerate in spending decisions and to maintain the link between profits and inflation.

truss The government has said it will ensure the most vulnerable are protected.

truss Labour’s Meg Hillier has accused her of supporting “belligerent trade unions”.

David Jones (Con) asks if Truss has committed to veto amendments to the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill in the Senate. Also, does she object to the ECJ getting involved in it?

truss She says she is committed to the bill. In addition, negotiations with the EU will reflect the contents of the EU.

Philippa Whitford (SNP) said the damage was due to the mini-budget. Why is the prime minister still there? And when will voters get a say?

truss She says she faces a difficult financial situation. She made the necessary decisions for economic stability.

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