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Trump News Today: Judge sides with former president in defamation lawsuit as DeSantis plans to face off NewsPipa


Former US President Donald Trump claims he could declassify top-secret documents ‘just by thinking’

The House selection committee on Jan. 6, in what could be its final hearing this week, is likely to show video footage of Trump ally Roger Stone. Washington Post report.

The Danish filmmaker told news outlets he was initially hesitant to cooperate with the parliamentary investigation, but this week decided to comply with a subpoena from the commission.

Meanwhile, the Capitol mob received a phone call from the White House during the Jan. 6 riots, text shedding new light on then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Since the message appeared, his name was mentioned publicly for the first time.

Anton Lunik, 26, a former President Donald Trump supporter who traveled from Brooklyn to Washington, was named by CNN on Monday as the recipient of an outgoing call made from the White House switchboard on Jan. 6. rice field.

Elsewhere, vanity fair Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has personally called the former president an “idiot” and threatened to launch an all-out assault if the two had to face off to win the Republican nomination in the 2024 election. It says it is planned.


January 6, 2021 — What Happened at the US Capitol That Day?

As the House Select Committee prepares to hold its next televised hearing to investigate the Jan. 6 attacks, Joe Sommerrad says 45th President Donald Trump is determined to block the Senate. Offers a refresher on why Trump supporters are pouring into the details of the attacks staged Prove the results of last November’s presidential election, officially proclaiming Democrat Joe Biden the winner from confirming.


Pennsylvania Senate Election: Is Dr. Oz Closing in on John Fetterman?

New Insider Advantage and FOX 29 Philadelphia new polls show Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s lead has closed the gap to former TV host and former doctor Mehmet Oz.

The latest from Eric Garcia.


Mark Meadows contacted pro-Trump operatives directly to seize voting machines

Text messages obtained by CNN show that one of the operatives behind the campaign to seize the voting machines was in direct contact with former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. .

Phil Waldron, who has promoted election-related conspiracy theories, reportedly texted Meadows on Dec. 23 that an Arizona judge had dismissed a lawsuit filed by Republicans who supported the then-president. ing. Equipment as proof that the election was stolen.

Waldron reportedly told Meadows that he would allow the opposition to engage in “delay tactics” that prevented Waldron and his allies from accessing the voting machines, saying Meadows was “pathetic.” It is.”

Eric Garcia reported in the news yesterday.


ICYMI: Capitol mobster who received White House call identified

The recipient of an outgoing call from the White House switchboard to the Jan. 6 mob was a New York man who spent about 10 minutes inside the Capitol that day.

The nine-minute call was made to the mobile phone of former President Donald Trump supporter Anton Lunyk, 26, who traveled from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Washington to attend “Stop the Steal,” according to CNN. . Converged in an ellipse just before the attack on the Capitol.

Andrew Feinberg reports on a strange phone situation.


Kirsten Cinema mocked exchange of compliments with Mitch McConnell

Democratic Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona defended her support for the filibuster on Monday at an event held at a facility named after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A Democratic lawmaker from Arizona addressed the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, and the Republican Senate Majority Leader praised the Democratic freshman who has frequently opposed his party.


Book Alleges Oath Keepers Attorney In Contact With Trump Advisor Andrew Giuliani Prior To Jan. 6

A member of the extremist group Oathkeeper, who served as an attorney for the group and is facing indictments related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, said that in the weeks leading up to the attack, then-Trump White House aide I got in touch with

according to violationa new book by a former Republican congressman will be Denver Riggleman, a staff member of the elected committee on Jan. 6, and Kelly Sorrell, an attorney for the Oath Keepers, will be on the November 2020 election and Trump. In the days between the support riots, Trump exchanged text messages with White House official Andrew Giuliani on Jan. 6.

Andrew Feinberg reports from Washington, DC.


What’s the biggest revelation from Maggie Haberman’s next book on Trump?

No journalist follows Donald Trump more closely than Maggie Haberman. From his time as the subject of sensational New York tabloid headlines, to his presidential campaign, his tenure at the White House, and his time since leaving his 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ms. Haberman I have recorded every step.

Her penchant for showing America the inside of Trump’s world The Confidence Man: The Birth of Donald Trump and the Fall of Americascheduled to be released on October 4th.

This book has already made a lot of news. Independent‘s Eric Garcia reviews some of the key facts that have come to light so far.


What to Expect at the Final Hearing on January 6

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attempted riot at the Capitol is widely expected to hold its final hearing on Wednesday, September 28.

A bipartisan team led by Benny Thompson of the Mississippi Democratic Party interviewed more than 1,000 people and researched 130,000 documents last year.At the end of the proceedings, the panel will retire to complete a report on its findings, which will be released once. is. The November midterm elections are over.

Joe Sommerlad previews what we’ll see tomorrow.


DeSantis personally calls Trump an ‘idiot’ and vents about him running for president

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis privately told employees that likely 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was an “idiot” and would never do business in the Oval Office again.

Insider tweet revelation from Republican governor deeply covered vanity fair Profiles track the flashpoints of Florida politicians from controversial figures in the Republican Party to likely challengers in the 2024 presidential election.

The governor has been tight-lipped about his dislike of the former president, but behind closed doors it’s clearly a different story.

Joanna Chisum’s report Independent.


What to Expect at the January 6th Public Hearing

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attempted riot at the Capitol is widely expected to hold its final hearing on Wednesday, September 28.

Once the panel has finished its business, it will retire to complete its report on its findings. The report will be made public after the November midterm elections.

The documents show exactly how a mob of conspiracy-minded Donald Trump supporters came to storm the legislature in the heart of Washington, D.C. in a misguided protest over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Detail: Killed and wounded by the hundreds.

Conversation with CNN’s Jake Tupper union status On Sunday morning, committee member and California Democrat Adam Schiff provided a somewhat geeky preview of Wednesday’s hearings, only stating: This could be the last hearing of its kind, one that focuses on the fact-based record, so it could be more extensive than others.

Read The Independent’s full briefing Joe Summerrad here:

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