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Today’s future- Saturday 24 September 2022
Results of children born today-

A child born today will be healthy, beautiful, strong and sweet-spoken, hard-working, smart, intelligent, professional in outlook, popular with all, will suffer till age 8, will be good thereafter. Those interested in education, sports will be specially attracted.
sheep- There will be success in solving domestic issues, social interaction will be beneficial, you will have to participate in a family event, parents will have support.
taurus- Controversial matters will be resolved, there is fear of losing some valuables, so arrange the safety of your belongings, the child’s anxiety will be removed.
Gemini- Any work will be done, which will increase your financial status, outlook and prosperity, married life will be happy, don’t be too hasty.
cancer- Economic and business efforts will be fruitful, relations will deepen, success in state affairs is likely.
lion- Friends will meet, will get enough support, will be mentally healthy, new work plans will be discussed.
virgin- There will be a dispute with a relative or neighbor, there will be enthusiasm for good work, the opposition class will be defeated, you will get good information.
cotton- There will be profit from buying and selling of land and buildings, good news from mother, laziness related to health, busyness in work.
scorpio- Be careful in travelling, avoid unnecessary hassles and stress, wife will support, youth will get employment opportunities.
sagittarius Plans to work with will be successful, financial benefits with the cooperation of officials, gain of money and wealth, travel to places of entertainment.
capricorn- Ideological deadlock will be removed, business travel will be successful, mind will be happy, maternal side will be beneficial, family prestige will increase.
Aquarius- Chances of sudden gain will come, acquaintances may be disturbed by rude behavior, beware of pickers on the journey, there will be concern for the respected person.
fish- As time goes on, a change of approach will be beneficial, a pleasant travel plan will be made, child responsibilities will be fulfilled, stay away from profession.

The future of business
On Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi, under the influence of Poorva Falguni Nakshatra, prices of cumin, coriander, red pepper, carom seeds, mace will increase, silver, cotton, mustard will be depressed. Sunflower, trade by looking at market trends. Lucky Number 4110


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