Weekly inflation fell to 8.01 percent NewsPipa



ISLAMABAD: According to the government, inflation rate in the country decreased by 8.01 percent on weekly basis, while the overall inflation rate remained at 29.28 percent.

The Bureau of Statistics has released the weekly price inflation report, according to which the prices of tomato, onion, lentils, ghee, garlic and other commodities have decreased in recent weeks. In a week, the price of tomato has decreased by 12 taka per kg, the price of onion has decreased by 39 taka.

According to data from the Statistics Institute, the prices of flour, chickpeas, potatoes, pulses, eggs, sugar, chicken and pulses were recorded. According to the report, the price of a 20 kg bag of flour has gone up to Rs 297 in a week. A 20 kg bag of flour rose to Rs 1,621 from Rs 1,323, while the price of pulses and chickpeas increased by Rs 6.37 to Rs 257.50 per kg. The price of mung dal increased from Rs 248.80 to Rs 252 per kg. Sugar price rose by 71 paise to Rs 87.64 per kg. The price of eggs per dozen has increased by Rs 1.47 in recent weeks. The price of live chicken has also increased by Rs 12.76 per kg in a week.


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