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A Vermont county sheriff candidate has gone silent more than a month after a video appeared to show him abusing a handcuffed, apparently drunk man who was in custody. I’m breaking

Franklin County Sheriff’s Candidate and former Captain John Grizmore has claimed that some of the videos that were widely viewed last month did not tell the full story of what happened that day.

“It really made me the bad guy as a person,” Grismore said of the video clip, sitting down in an exclusive interview with Northwest Access Television taped Wednesday.

The full interview is available here, in which Grismore talks about the encounter that cost him his job as a sheriff’s deputy. Retired Sheriff Roger Langevin fired Grismore after an internal investigation into the behavior seen in the video.

“Individuals arrested for more heinous crimes are treated better than people like me,” said Grismore, a longtime Franklin County journalist and Northwest Access TV host Richard Cowperthwaite. lamented in an almost hour-long conversation with
Grismore told Cowperthwaite that it was his usual day off in early August when a handcuffed and shackled man was fighting with a colleague, and Grismore said the man had been headbutted, bitten, He said he was afraid he would spit.

“My father passed away from complications related to COVID,” Grismore told Northwest Access TV. “So absolutely, the severity of spitting is on my mind.”

Grismore claimed that the man had previously spat on another lawmaker, who also had records of his interactions with police, accusing him of raising concerns that the man could hurt the lawmaker.

Grismore insisted that he did not actually kick a detainee in the groin, as many have called it, and told Cowperthwaite that his actions were intended to force the men to obey orders. Grismore said the newsworthy content of the video was just a few seconds in the hours the agent dealt with the man. claimed.

Despite public scrutiny, unemployment and Vermont State Police investigations still pending, Grismore remains the candidate to lead his former division as Franklin County Sheriff. It will be the only name that appears on the ballot.

But then writing candidates came to challenge Grismore.

Grismore had the support of the county’s Republicans and Democrats in the primary, but both parties withdrew that support due to concerns about vision and judgment.

Franklin County Senator Corey Parent, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, told NECN & NBC10 Boston on Sept.

Franklin County Republicans endorsed Sheriff’s Office lieutenant Mark Lauer as the write-in candidate. rice field.

“Integrity, integrity and courage – these are the things I live by every day,” Lauer said of himself in an interview with NECN & NBC10 Boston earlier this month. The video was “completely unacceptable”.

A third party, Guerre Messier, is also running a writing campaign.

In a Facebook post about how the office would operate under him, Messier said, “When you interact with members of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, you will be treated professionally, courteously, and you will be respectful of the public.” You will be treated with the respect you deserve from your servant.”

Despite calls to pull out of the campaign, including from both Republicans and Democrats running for Franklin County state attorney, Grismore vowed to stick with his campaign. Democrats running for attorney have even raised the possibility of impeachment by the Vermont legislature if Grismore is elected.

In an interview with Northwest Access TV, Grismore insisted he had done nothing wrong and explained that law enforcement can be confused at times.

“If I was wrong, I would have accepted it,” Grizmore claimed in an interview. if you mean [from the race], surely I would have done it. But I don’t feel that way. ”

A VSP spokesman said Thursday that the Vermont police investigation into the case was nearing completion. After the investigation is closed, the findings will be submitted to prosecutors at Franklin County’s state attorney’s office for consideration of possible charges, the spokesman added.

In a new interview, Cowperthwaite asked Grismore what he would do if criminal charges were brought as a result of the ongoing investigation. Grismore replied, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there,” but he said, “I can’t see it,” ending with his guilt.

Absentee ballots and early ballots will soon be sent to voters in Vermont. Click here for more information on voter registration in Vermont.


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