Samantha Ruth looks ethereal in the new poster of Prabhu Shakuntalam, the film has received a release date NewsPipa



The release date of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s upcoming period drama Shakunthalam has been announced on Friday. Written and directed by Rudramadevi Gunasekhar, the film will hit theaters on November 4.

The filmmakers have also released a new motion poster suggesting that the film will have grand visuals of ancient forts and palaces. The poster features Samantha’s character standing with her boyfriend. Is the film based on the myth of Shakuntala? There is a strong reason to believe this.

According to mythology, Shakuntala, daughter of sage Vishwamitra and Meneka, lives in a forest where she meets and falls in love with King Dushyanta. Dushyanta promises to return to him soon but forgets all about it due to the sage’s curse.

Earlier, Samantha called the film a ‘fairytale’. “This image will stay with me for the rest of my life. As a little girl I believed in fairy tales.. not much has changed. I still do…. And @gunashekhar1 sir my fairy godfather is making my dreams come true. When he described this film to me I was instantly transported to a most beautiful world.. the world of Shakuntlam.. a world like no other,” wrote Samantha after wrapping up the film’s shoot.

Samantha is also waiting for Yashoda’s release. The filmmakers recently released the teaser showing Samantha in an action-packed avatar. The film has not got a release date yet.

At the moment, Samantha is said to have traveled to the US. Although there are no clear reports on the nature of his trip, speculation was rife that he went there to seek treatment for a ‘rare skin condition’. Samantha’s manager, however, rubbished such speculations.


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