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New Delhi: By now you must have heard or read that usually foreign companies arrange special holidays for their employees to enjoy. But we all know that in India where employees work more than limited hours, there is no expectation that the company or the boss will give such special leave. We never dreamed that such a thing would happen, but it did. Yes, you will be surprised to know that a famous company in India has given a special holiday for their employees with lots of fun. Let’s know about this special news…

With holiday money..

Let us tell you that Meesho is an Indian company that pays employees to have fun at work. Yes, let us tell you that this e-commerce company selling online has issued 11 days holiday to their employees. During this time employees are away from office work. They can do whatever they want without work and more importantly they will be paid for it. That is, if they are not allowed to work on holidays, their salary will not be cut. will be given to them.

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Quit for better mental health

According to information from Twitter, the Misho company has taken steps to maintain the mental health of employees. The company has some holidays throughout the year. This includes sick leave. But there is no leave for mental health. Mesho has made this arrangement which is appreciated by all.

Reset mind..

About this we all know that many people around the world are suffering from physical ailments as well as mental diseases. Note that earlier mental health was not considered as a disease. But now awareness about this has increased. Realizing the importance of mental health, this organization also takes this initiative. The company has developed a special policy to give employees breaks to reset and recharge their minds, i.e. for mental health. Posted to relieve stress. This holiday is from 22 October 2022 to 1 November 2022.

Reset and recharge

The company’s Chief Technology Officer Sanjeev Baranwala tweeted this special news. He said that nowadays the stress and work load of employees is high. In such situations, resets and recharges will pave the way to keep employees on top. Other companies will follow.


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