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Left to right: Jake Stone and partner Christopher Finley. (Danica Cervantes/Jacob Touchstone/GoFundMe)

A man has been charged with stabbing a gay man to death and injuring his partner after leaving an LGBTQ+ bar on a date night.

Christopher Finley and his partner Jake Stone were stabbed after intervening in an altercation outside the main shaft of an LGBTQ+ bar in Long Beach, California, on September 9.

The incident occurred around 11:45 pm after two victims attempted to disarm a man with a Taser outside a bar.

long beach post news A man reportedly attacked the pair on a bicycle.

Local police spokesperson Richard Mejia said the attacker fled before police arrived.

Authorities took the couple to the hospital, where Finley, 28, later died.

Finley was an LA-based makeup artist whose Instagram account was flooded with condolences following his death.

A comment to his latest post, dated August 10, reads: I am so grateful for the time we spent. I will never forget your angel Rest well. “

After the attack, Stone said long beach post news: “Chris was my half.”

“Neither of us knew life without each other. He was the love of my life, my soulmate.”

A 56-year-old Long Beach man has been charged in connection with the fatal stabbing.

Michael Smalls faces murder and attempted murder charges.

After he failed to appear in court for his initial arraignment, the judge increased bail from $2 million to $3 million.

After the attack, bar owners Jeff and Rhonda Dearing shared the news “with heartbreak” on Facebook.

Friends of the pair launched a fundraiser to pay for the couple’s medical bills and put Chris to rest.

A total of $50,000 has been set as the goal, and 685 donations have been made so far, totaling more than $43,600.

The attack came after 24-year-old gay man Emmanuel Mauers was stabbed to death in South Africa after arguing over which toilet to use.

Anti-LGBTQ+ violence is rising at record speed in the UK, according to police statistics.


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