Flood-affected woman gives birth to child ‘Selab Khan’ – Daily Kudrat NewsPipa



Flood-affected woman gives birth to child ‘Selab Khan’ – Daily Kudrat

دادو (قدرت روزنامہ) دادو میں سیلاب سے متاثرہ خاتون کے ہاں بیٹے کی پیدائش ہوئی تو بچے کا نام ’سیلاب خان‘ رکھ دیا گیا . سیلاب کے باعث دادو کے سیم نالے کے حفاظتی پشتوں پر کئی متاثرہ خاندان جزوی طور پر آباد ہو گئے ہیں، ان ہی میں سے ایک جوڑے کے ہاں بچے کی پیدائش ہوئی جس کا نام بھی سیلاب کی مناسبت سے ’سلاب خان‘ رکھ دیا گیا .

According to the victim family, everything is over because of the flood, so we express joy by naming different names in such a painful situation. It should be remembered that many couples have tied the knot in the flood victims’ camps of Hyderabad and Badin. Al-Khidmat Foundation Jamaat-e-Islami organized a mass wedding ceremony for 70 couples from flood-affected families in Badin.
Apart from the bride and groom, a large number of women, children and men participated in the ceremony. Those who welcome the ceremony are also given dowries and other gifts by the hosts of the newly wedded couple. On this occasion, Dr. Hafizur Rahman, President of Al-Khidmat Foundation, Mia Abdul Haque, Vice President of UK Islamic Mission and others said that this duty is being performed as a humanitarian service, which has created hope and joy. In the lives of the victims. Al-Khidmat Foundation also gave a dowry worth Rs 26 thousand to the newly married couple, which included all necessities of life.

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